Bridge Ahoy!

Bridge Ahoy! – a curated ferry cruise that explored some of the unique bridges of Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River.

The tour departed from the Man O’ War Steps at the Sydney Opera House and sailed through time, place and technology, Bridge Ahoy! – produced and presented by Parramatta based Information and Cultural Exchange and the NSW Architects Registration Board (NSW ARB) – navigated some of Australia’s engineering wonders. Ferry based, this one of a kind cruise rode the waves to (and moored at) some of Sydney’s most iconic bridges. “Ports of Call” included:

Weighing anchor across the first two weekends of November, Bridge Ahoy! voyaged the magic of Sydney Harbour and the Parramatta River with a choice of catered Sunrise and Sunset small ferry tours.

Much more than an idyllic ferry ride, Bridge Ahoy! featured a crew of specialist engineers, architects, curators and community speakers who revealed (and debated) the bridge’s (and the Harbour’s) past, present and future; technology, topography, history, aesthetics and community.

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