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CLUB WELD | Autism Spectrum Australia

Autism Spectrum Australia (ASPECT), supported by ICE, presents Club Weld, a dedicated place for musical collaboration and creative expression, bringing emerging musicians with Disability together with non-disabled musicians.

Club Weld will return next year to continue the program into 2016 with a focus on digital and live music production and creation.
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Debut EP

Finishing off their second year Club Weld has now released their self titled debut EP via their Bandcamp page.  Released physically and digitally the 5 track EP features music written, performed and recorded at Club Weld. This includes a mixture of influences ranging from Avant Pop like Kate Bush to Kraut Rock and Industrial experimentalists Throbbing Gristle and Can with a bit of abstract Punk-Blues thrown in for good measure.


Music Videos

Accompanying the release are 3 music videos produced under the banner MAXIMUM HEADROOM, directed by acclaimed video artists Alexander Smith and Heath Franco. The videos mirror the group’s eclectic influences with Smith and Franco’s experimental style using a variety of 80s analog video equipment.



Club Weld’s EP launched 3rd December 2015 to coincide with International Day of People with Disability, via Sydney’s FBI Radio 94.5FM. With off the wall guitar riffs, unique tunings and psychedelic synth and bass lines Club Weld proves they are making music that the current slew of indie musicians could only dreams of – weird, catchy and secretly soulful.


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