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Iraqi Youth Speak Up


Are you from an Iraqi background and between 18 – 28?
هل أنت من أصل عراقي و عمرك بين 18 و 28 سنة؟


Do you enjoy making things happen and believe that young people should be heard?
هل تؤمن/تؤمنين بأهمية إسماع صوت الشباب


Are you imaginative, resourceful; focused and interested in producing cultural events?
هل أنت مهتم/مهتمة بإنتاج النشاطات الثقافية


The Iraqi Youth Speak Up Training Program is the opportunity you need!


A team of six people will be mentored by professionals as they devise and produce a public youth forum of ideas and expression for the 2017 Shanasheel Iraqi Cultural Festival.

Learn while you produce and take responsibility for a real event. Sessions cover:

  • working in a creative team
  • devising a meaningful and inspiring public event
  • programming strong content
  • managing contracts; budgets and crews
  • creating and implementing marketing strategies
  • producing and managing a successful event


The training is free and for young people of any gender or religion.
البرنامج التدريبي مجاني و يشمل الشباب من أي جنس أو دين


5 x 3hr sessions at I.C.E between 20 April – 12 July 2017
The team will be required hold regular production meetings Plus independent team meetings as required.
Dates and times to be negotiated.

Forum event date: Saturday 15 July 2017, Fairfield Art Gallery & Museum
Applications close: 18 April 2017


If you would like more information about Iraqi Youth Speak Up, you can get in contact with Victoria Harbutt at ICE for more details
Victoria Harbutt
Producer, Training & Curatorial Development
02 8821 9165

Iraqi Youth Speak Up Training Program is a partnership between I.C.E and Iraqi Australian University Graduate Forum.

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