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Lost in the Woods

In 2014 ICE ran a participatory film project working with Urana Street residents of the Villawood East housing estate. Funded by Woodville Community Services, the project engaged residents in storytelling, script development, performance workshops and film production.

ICE worked with Director Vanna Seang, Creative Producer and Dramaturge Nicholas Lathouris and a crew of men from Villawood on a unique and exciting character and script development process.

The result is the suite of 3 films titled Lost in the Woods; a work that has uses the filmic arts to seek new methods of screen production and storytelling and serves as a valuable community development tool. The films were showcased as part of Indigems 2014 at Riverside theatres.


If you would like more information about Lost in the Woods, you can get in contact with Christian Tancred at ICE for more details
Christian Tancred
Producer, Community Engagement
02 8821 9169

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