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Pitching Western Sydney!

Last Saturday ICE had the rare opportunity to host Executive Producer John Tedesco from Gold Marquee and Writer/Executive Producer Sarah Smith from Cornerstone Pictures to hear pitches from Western Sydney screenwriters and storytellers. Originally planned for 20 pitches, local producers and writers jumped at the chance to have the ear of industry professionals and we ended up having 27 come along on the day to share their ideas.

“How often do you get a chance for experienced producers to come and listen to you and hear your stories ’ said Tresa Ponor. Tresa was one of the 11 writers at the gathering who pitched her idea, a comedy about International students set in Western Sydney.

Other story concepts on Saturday ranged from coming-of-age comedies with protagonists from some of the culturally diverse Western Sydney communities, to dramas engaging with local issues of domestic violence and recently returned war veterans, to thrillers with terrorism and racism subplots, and even a high concept sci-fi series.

“It was great to meet everyone through ICE,” said Sarah, “And exciting to hear the pitches and the wealth of ideas and original voices.”

John and Sarah explained the idea is to develop a 4 to 6 hour drama/comedy series for TV. Giving an overview of the current state of Australian TV they indicated a considerable audience appetite for fresh new voices. Now with the first pitch down the ball is in their court to see what might make it to the silver screen. Fingers crossed for all the storytellers and screenwriters who made it on the weekend!

Photos by Rudge Hollis and Barry Gamba. 
Words by Barry Gamba.

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