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3 Moments of Heat…From the Street

When most people think of Mount Druitt, they think Bogans, unemployment, junkies and crime. And this is basically the picture depicted in the recent Mark Radomsky Produced Struggle Street that aired earlier this year. I was surprised at the response of many people who saw it as an insult to the people of the area. Ironically many of those most vocal wouldn’t be caught dead in Mount Druitt and would normally look right down their nose, through their chardonnay, at the people who live there.

On the flip side the response of the young people involved in Heat from the Street was very mature. Generally their attitude was to voice their opinions in a positive way. They answered through music videos, social media and documentary campaigns such as Made in Mt Druitt. Given that our project, Heat From the Street aimed to foster skills in democratised media, this was a proud moment.

Here are 3 more proud moments from Heat from the Street. (There are about 100 but we don’t have time for that)

Soul Benefits as old men

Watching Zehrish, Storme and Aakel get made up as old men and create their own Barbershop (in the shop where Bob used to be). Director, Del Ray Fruen, did a fantastic job of bringing it to life.

Fez as a Trolley Boy

When shooting ‘No pain no gain’ with the Street Uni All Stars the guy who goes around in the tractor picking up trolleys was more than happy to help us out. Fez became a very believable trolley boy.

Manu in the Aston

We were always trying to raise production values in true Guerrilla style so we borrowed our friend’s sports car for the ‘All of us’ clip. Manu looked completely at home behind the wheel of an Aston Martin.

Thanks to everyone involved in the project. We look forward to bringing you more Heat From the Street!

Words by Christian Tancred

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