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AFFA Sydney Recap

Arab Film Festival Australia kicked off with a huge crowd on Thursday 13 August, bringing over 700 people to the screening of Ghadi, a film from Lebanon, directed by Amin Dora who joined us for the opening (even took a selfie with the audience).

To top that we had Knafeh Bakery in the house (literally) in the courtyard of the Riverside serving up Knafeh and entertaining over a thousand people that drove from all over Sydney to sweeten their palette before or after a film.

The Festival finished with a local short film, Man In The Mirror, about Abbas Sharhani, the MJ impersonator living in Western Sydney directed by Ali Mousawi just before our Jordanian film Theeb, a stunning film set in 1916 in the Arabian Dessert with a cast made up of Bedouins.

We truly had a blast. Exhausted but ecstatic and proud of this years program catering to the Arab community in Sydney and bringing together people of all walks of life to engage in contemporary Arab stories. Now we take our wonderful Festival to Melbourne and Canberra.  Tell your friends and see you there.

We have some surprises planned for 2016!

Mouna & Fadia
Festival Co-Directors

Ps. Loving the vibe in 2015.

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