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The ‘Kasey is Missing’ Melting Pot

The Kasey is Missing web series is the result of genuine teamwork and ensemble creativity. Matching seasoned film creative types, community workers and Aboriginal young people and their friends from around Cranebrook it was a real example of a melting pot. Sharing was a real buzzword throughout the project so we thought we’d share some of favourite quotes from the team along the way.


“Everyone got to put their directors hat on, even the actors got to put their directors hat on and that was special”.
Colin Kinchela – Director.

Early project days.Debbie Shepherd, Leonie Haines, Isaac Parsons.
Image by:Christian Tancred


“This is great because not all kids love the classroom and this is an important way for them to learn about cameras and stuff like that but most importantly they are learning about their culture”
Mary Ridgeway – Local Producer

Excursion to Australian Museum with Thelma Thomas, Leonie Haines, Debbie Shepherd, Chris Reid, Mary Ridgeway.
Image by: Colin Kinchela


“It’s good to give kids something to do and keep them out of trouble”
Leonie Haines – Performer.

Leonie Haines with Willurai Kirkbright.
Image by: Christian Tancred


“Cranebrook was a really interesting backdrop. It was challenging and a lot of fun to shoot”
Sam Phibbs – Cinematographer.

Debbie Shepherd, Piotr Waslewski, Sam Phibbs, Leonie Haines
Image by: Julia Mendel


“There was no concern about co-opting anybody’s story because there was a constant sense that we were sharing and to be given that kind of trust is pretty amazing”
Christian Tancred – Producer

Debbie Shepherd and Mary MunroImage by: Sam Phibbs

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