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Mother’s Spice: A Degustation of Motherhood, Migration and Refuge

The countdown has begun to the public showing of Mother’s Spice in March as part of Art Month Sydney.

“…I wish you a safe voyage, I offer you fish for a safe passage across the sea, an egg to traverse the skies and bread to move across earth, may your journey be an auspicious one…”  

“…During the daytime it was beautiful, the water sparkled. The night though was a different story…”

These are some of the lines you’ll hear if you walk through the space at Information and Cultural Exchange as the cast and crew rehearse for Mother’s Spice – a non-conformist performance born out of the stories of four migrant and refugee women who have a lot to say about everything, including of course the best way to roll stuffed vine leaves:
“…So in Iraq you like them big and loose whereas in Lebanon, we prefer them tight and small…What’s that all about …”

Khala Adeeba, Nisha, Nasrin and Yamane are magnificent natural performers. Working with the creative team; Director Sally Sussman, Video artist Marian Abboud and Sound Artist Peter Kennard, the four women seamlessly weave their personal narratives with audio, video and cooking. What is emerging from these rehearsals is a unique take on migration, motherhood, the mundane and the sacred.

It has been a long creative journey for the team and the excitement is building up as we approach the public shows.

Is it bad luck in theatre to secretly wish for rehearsals to go on a little longer, especially when they all end with a fabulous feast

Photos and words by Eddie Abd.

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