2 Years working as ICE’s Venue & Reception Officer - Information & Cultural Exchange

2 Years working as ICE’s Venue & Reception Officer

I’ve found myself on a little wooden ferry in Sydney Harbour whilst a summer storm breaks overhead, I’ve walked through the streets of Parramatta on a Friday night with a group of 20 people, a megaphone and a hi-viz vest, I’ve sat between Héctor Zamora and Michel Tuffery to eat Indian food, I’ve met more genuinely talented, creative and passionate people than I can keep track of… and I’m not sure the title ‘Venue & Reception Officer’ quite conveys the scope of experiences I’ve had in my two years at ICE.

Some of the highlights from the last two years have included working Front of House for the Arab Film Festival, watching ASPECT’s Club Weld program evolve and grow in the ICE space, working on all of ICE’s tours for Sydney Festival and Sydney Architecture Festival and seeing the Foyer walls covered with images from past projects and programs. Most importantly, from all of this, I’ve learned how to build relationships with the communities around me and see the strength in working together.

It’s been so great to be at the front desk of ICE and I’m going to miss the weird and wonderful conversations I have every day.
This job has been like becoming part of a family, complete with ups and downs. I’m so thankful for the chance to have had as many brilliant experiences as I have.

Words by Morgan Graham

Images by Julia Mendel, Morgan Graham, Ali Mousawi, Jerome Pearce and Marian Abboud

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