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Musical Experiments at All Girl Electronic

Celebrating the final week of All Girl Electronic we had the group present their musical experiments at our Showcase event. We were lucky enough to have our three amazing facilitators, Del Lumanta, Nicola Morton and Hannah Lockwood perform live, with three very different, intimate sets.

We also seized the chance to get each of the All Girl participants up on stage to ask them a few questions about their time as part of the program. Heres a few choice excerpts from our chats:

My sound – atmospheric would be the main word. I found that when I was working with Ableton a lot of the theory went away and rather than it being daunting it was actually quite liberating. I was more willing to experiment with different sounds and go for the atonal moments and build that tension and tear it down as easily as I wanted to. I thought that was pretty cool.

I’m super happy that I’ve had a billion mentors to help me with this. I mean there’s still a billion things I don’t know but I can learn that in the future hopefully. The advice that I’ve heard and want to take to heart is to work hard and possibly play harder but don’t play too hard.

I think that was a really big highlight. I wasn’t expecting to meet so many people. I thought I was just here to make the music but knowing there’s a lot of people that I know now and my network is much bigger than it was before – I think that’s a really good thing.

Actually I’m pursing turntablism now and learning how to scratch. I’m learning how to DJ at the moment. It actually goes hand in hand with producing. When you realise how they coexist with each other it will improve your track. Learning how to DJ is really cool too. It’s another realm. It’s not like producing. It’s manipulating the sounds already made to mix into another track.

Jade + Jennifer
[Jade] We have always talked about making music together so this program finally kicked us into collaborating.

[Jennifer] Now we want to merge electronic and traditional instruments. It’s a blend of Jade’s taste in gaming sounds and mine in, I guess, this angelic, ethereal, ambient sounds. We’ve kind of merged that with this weird groovy beat.

Photos: Katrina James

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