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Sweet Auburn Tweets

After a much-anticipated wait, we finally received the Sweet Auburn Tweets picture book! It all started back in Term 3 as an outreach project of the Family Creative Hub in partnership with Auburn Diversity Services Inc.

The book is a beautiful collection of songs and poems created by our wonderful families from Auburn. Inspired by the theme of birds of migration, the families shared songs and poems in their respective languages, reflective of their cultures and traditions.

We launched the picture book on Friday, 9th December 2016, inviting all the families who participated to enjoy some great singing, dancing and delicious food. The families loved receiving the special book they had created and smiles radiated around the room!

Thank you to all the beautiful families and our amazing artists!

Artists and facilitators: Marian Abboud, Nisha Shrestha & Eddie Abd
Creative Producer: Yamane Fayed

Words by Yamane Fayed.
Photos by Marian Abboud

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