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Mapping the mind: Transforming sound to image at the Feedback album and music video launch

As 2016 came to a close the Feedback project was gearing up for the world premiere of nine music videos, developed over the previous six months. Western Sydney artists Marian Abboud, Heath Franco, Jerry Kahale, Nicola Morton, James Nguyen and Naomi Oliver spent the second half of the year honing their skills on the LZX Industries video synthesiser to produce a spellbinding series of videos to accompany the latest Club Weld compilation album.

For the Club Weld musicians and facilitators it was a timely event, coming together and celebrating a year of dedicated work. And for the artists it was the first opportunity to see how each of these collaborations had come together.

We were lucky enough to have Jacinta Tobin provide a beautiful and touching welcome to country, reminding all of us of the power of music in providing a bridge to understanding and respect.

The event not only featured the premiere of the music videos, but a number of live performances including DJ sets from Clubbers Andrew Barrett and Paolo Donia who played extended mixes and previously unreleased tracks that they had been working on over the year.

It was a full house including the musicians and artists, their families and friends, and the entranced general public. They were treated to a suite of videos that ranged from the hypnotic and psychedelic interpretations by Jerry Kahale and Nicola Morton of Paolo Donia’s tracks, through to the reflective Azimuth directed by James Nguyen which focused on the nuanced and idiosyncratic relationship that exists between the Club Weld musicians and facilitators. Charbel Nehme’s track, Feelings had everyone’s feet moving, accompanied by Heath Franco’s video that brought to life Charbel’s heart-warming lyrics.

It was great to see the various ways that the artists had collaborated with musicians and utilised the synth to complement their songs, not to mention a fantastic way to promote the work that Club Weld has been doing for the last two years. All of the music videos seemed to strike a chord with the audience, providing an insight into the experimental and beneficial ways in which Club Weld creates a space for musicians to develop their skills and a platform for their personal voices to flourish.

Lastly we were treated to a live, improvised performance by Ash Unterrheiner (drums), Jerry Kahale (synths) and Nicola Morton (Theremin and video synthesiser). It was astounding to say the least, with the three performers working intuitively together to create an experience that could not have happened anywhere else.

It felt like a perfect summary of Feedback; a project that aims for real collaboration across abilities and underpinned by the goal to celebrate the cultural activity that is happening in Western Sydney.

All of the Feedback videos are available to view through the ICE website and Youtube channel. Stay tuned for more developments as the videos pop up elsewhere…

Words by Toby Chapman.
Photos by Lyndal Rions.

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