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On the set of Here Come the Habibs

Nawal Abdi tells us about her time in the Jungle camera department.

Working on a professional television set is something I have always wanted to do. You can learn all about a television set from a theoretical perspective but getting that practical experience, actually seeing how it all works, is the only way to fully comprehended how a professional set functions. That is the value of doing an industry placement – getting to see how the industry works. For me, this was on a comedy television set with Here Come the Habibs.

During my screen studies I learnt about the different departments and their roles on set, but experiencing what each department does and how they work with each other was one of the most valuable things I learnt from my attachment. Some of the key things I learnt were the functions of each person within the camera department and certain production set protocols that can differ from set to set.

There are a lot of things you cannot learn from studying about the screen industry; you need to experience working in the industry to fully understand it. That’s why industry placements are so important. Getting the opportunity to obtain some practical experience has been invaluable. Next I would love to see how post-production works in a professional screen environment. Getting some editing experience would be what I do next in my career development.

The Screen Internship Initiative is part of I.C.E.’s Screen Cultures Program, supported by Screen NSW.

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