The new kid in town - Information & Cultural Exchange

The new kid in town

Howdy! My name is Steven Ross, and I am a trainee at Information and Cultural Exchange.

Working at I.C.E. is incredible. You have the opportunity to meet new people, work with unique characters and experience things that you wouldn’t otherwise. This includes discovering incredibly talented people, some of who wouldn’t otherwise have access to equipment and training to develop their creativity.

I love introducing people to new ideas and technologies. Information and Cultural Exchange saw my skills and interests and allowed me to pursue them. Instead of blocking my abilities, they used them. Thanks to I.C.E. I have found a passion for working with community. This has included working in I.C.E.’s in-house recording studio, helping aspiring musicians to develop their ideas into music they can be proud of.

So far in my adventures at I.C.E. I have recorded a spectacularly talented blind pianist who happens to be more than 3 times my senior, I have recorded a pair of exceptionally talented vocalists, I’ve worked with emerging rappers and I’ve taught young people the basics of music production and recording.

Proving myself in the studio, I’ve since been given the opportunity to run music workshops with young people at Auburn Youth Centre. Through these workshops I’ve provided technical support, maintaining and ensuring the studio space is used properly. The young people there are incredibly talented and varied. Some are rappers, some are singers, some play instruments and there’s a few that want to be producers. All of them have something to give, and always speak up with suggestions and ideas.

I am extremely lucky to have the opportunity to work with the amazing people here at I.C.E. They are all hardworking individuals focused on giving people access to art, creativity and storytelling. From short documentaries, to artworks painted with light, Information and Cultural Exchange are always pushing their style and aesthetic to evolve and become something ‘more’. I am proud to be a part of the team – even though I may be a trainee, I feel like an important part of a much bigger machine.

I’m thankful for Information and Cultural Exchange for providing this amazing opportunity, and using my skills. It’s a spectacular place – full of life and opportunity, with a wonderful staff and supportive atmosphere. Your creativity comes alive once you step through the door.

I.C.E. is my favourite creative space to be. I’m sure it could be yours too.

Words by Steven Ross.
Photo by Julian Lankshear.

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