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A to B with Screen Australia

We’re once again partnering with Screen Australia for Hot Desk West, an initiative that brings staff from Screen Australia to I.C.E. in Parramatta for one-on-one meetings with Western Sydney screen content producers.
Not sure if it’s for you?
Hear from some of last year’s filmmakers who came in for a session!



It was good to understand what services they provide, especially in terms of support funding and talking about the nuances in both development funds as well as production. It also helped in breaking things down about our aspirations for our work. I really like how they were very sharp and blunt about the pathways and about aligning yourself with certain producers. It’s clarified a lot about what we have to do.


Anyone at any stage of their career as a filmmaker or as a screen creative would benefit. They really cover all the things I was after. I think it would pretty much benefit anyone who wants to create work with support from Screen Australia.



It was a great opportunity meeting with representatives from Screen Australia. It’s great to see interest in Western Sydney stories specifically. It’s great because it’s allowing emerging Western Sydney filmmakers access to the important decision makers from the funding bodies who are interested in our content.

As an emerging documentary film producer it’s great experience to hear the potential pathways for the content that I’m currently making. There’s so many options. For example to get interest first. To get a letter of interest from a broadcaster first and then there’s the option to go back to Screen Australia at a later date. It also helps just to get your name out and getting feedback on your work. They watched the showreels and gave feedback about the story as well which was nice.



They’re very good at explaining the reality of the industry and what people, not just them as investors but also financiers, sales agents, what they are looking for. I found it useful because I got to meet the people rather than just making an application and see how they react. It gave me an idea of how they think. And what they are looking for. I got to know more about them. And they got to know more about me.



The most valuable advice I got was do it yourself and move forward and then they may come and help you. You just need to hear that. So basically it’s pretty fair – they’re not going to give you money unless you’ve done the work and they’re saying go do the work. We don’t understand how funding schemes work, the paperwork etc. and they’re saying they’re going to help us with that if we do the work. That’s what we need to hear. Now it’s up to us.



I guess the session was just introducing myself because I’m not really known by Screen Australia. It was a meet and greet first and then they asked me where I want to go and what kind of career I want to have. And then they gave me some really good advice. I just recently got this funding for my last short film which opens me up to all these other opportunities and they were giving me specific pointers on what I should do next. The main thing I got was strategy. Being strategic.



It’s a very foreign landscape for us as emerging filmmakers. For up and comers having the chance to sit down with Screen Australia and just really de-clutter everything was great because we get a bit lost in all the information out there.


You have a chance to talk specifically about your project and to hear where they think you sit. It’s made things so much clearer about what to do now.



I already know a person who I want to recommend this to who is also from Western Sydney and who is at the same kind of point of having to choose a path. I would tell her to definitely sign herself up to this next time so she can pose those questions; how do I get from point A to point B; what are my options; where can I go? They seem to have a wealth of knowledge, not only in the area I’m interested in, which is producing, but everything about the industry inside and out. Every person I mentioned they knew of, any kind of talk I had been to they had also been to as well. I highly recommend!



I found it awesome. I learnt a lot from it. It gave me an idea of what direction I need to take to further my career in screenwriting and character development. I got a lot out of it today. They were really helpful. It was definitely valuable. I know exactly now what I need to do to get to the next level.

It encourages people from Western Sydney to actually go about making films; to speak to someone from the head of the department they need to speak to and get feedback; it was awesome. It encouraged me to keep going with it.

You need to have something already made. So if you come to them with just an idea they’ll tell you to go back and make something yourself. I’ve done that already as a passion project and it’s gone beyond my expectations. Now I’m trying to take it to the next level and these guys are perfect for that. So if you’re trying to get something done just go ahead and give it a try yourself and at least show them.

For more information and to book a session check out Hot Desk West! 

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