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These mums and bubs have rhythm!

Emma and Patrick from Woodville Alliance joined in with the Family Creative Hub this week to run their Rhythm2Recovery music therapy program for our Creative Playgroup session.

The Rhythm2Recovery program requires no prior knowledge of drumming, making it possible for all of our Creative Playgroup members to get involved; the children were so excited to see the big African drums and very eager to get started straight away.

Emma and Patrick set the rhythm and the mums and bubs followed the beat. It was both magical and mesmerising to see everyone smiling while they hammered, tapped and stroked the drums. The mothers might have enjoyed it even more than the children!

The whole playgroup expressed great joy and enjoyment, feeling that the drumming session released a lot of tension and stress. Everyone got to share some positive energy drumming along to the different rhythms, as well as dancing along to the beats being made.

The Family Creative Hub’s Creative Playgroup is running with Rhythm2Recovery at I.C.E 10am to 12pm every Thursday up to, and including, April 6, 2017.

Words and images by Yamane Fayed.

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