Club Weld’s Sydney Opera House Residency as part of Vivid Live - Information & Cultural Exchange

Club Weld’s Sydney Opera House Residency as part of Vivid Live

In a first of its kind collaboration, Club Weld took up a four-day residency in June at the Opera House as part of Vivid Live 2017 program.

Jerrah, Paolo and Charbel with facilitators, Pasko, Sam and Jerry were taken on a Remix The House tour where they recorded for sampling, the deep under ground sounds of the machinery and extensive system of pipes that keep the Opera House running.

Morning Session musicians, T.J., Chris, Corey and Anthony had a massive jam in a beautiful ballet rehearsal studio.

Two days in the Opera House’s Intel Studio followed, with the musicians collaborating on original tracks with producers Rainbow Chan, Dro Carey, George Nicholas (Seekae) and sound engineer Josh.

Jerrah’s space country ballad Burn Like A Star took shape – a major collaboration: back up vocals by Clare, Kate and Rainbow; spoken word by Charbel; piano from Jonathon and guitars, electric piano and synths from the facilitators and collaborators.

Paolo, with Dro Carey, pumped out a dance track featuring words from an interview with Andrew – the great reverb innovator. Ash, Jerry and Sam started work on a drum-based psychedelic track.

Five tracks will be finished over the next few weeks back at I.C.E.

Club Weld and I.C.E send thanks to Rainbow, Eugene, George and Josh; Vivid; Sydney Opera House Trust and its fantastic staff.

Tracks were made for the Remix the House with the assistance of The Sydney Opera House Trust and the SOHT Access Program at Vivid Live 2017.

Photos and words: Victoria Harbutt

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