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Garage Barbershop wrap up

After two years of development, 10 weeks of workshops, mentorship, free cuts, video interviews and an incredible exhibition at Blacktown Arts Centre Garage Barbershop has now come to an end. The project brought together five young men from Pacific Islander backgrounds, dubbed the Original 5, joining together on a journey of self-discovery under the mentorship of self-made garage barber, Charles Lomu.

“Since the introduction of education, a young person’s capabilities have been measured through written exams in an institutionalised setting. However, over 10 weeks in a Garage Barbershop, we had the pleasure of witnessing five young men mature as they thrived on learning the art of Barbering as a craft, a culture and a potential career”
Charles Lomu

It was incredible to see the Original 5 grow in their future careers as barbers and also as leaders, exploring what it means to be a man in today’s society. This process was beautifully captured by international fashion photographer, Harold David, who also took as his subjects the many men who sat in the chair to have their fade, shave and cut.

” We didn’t know each other when we started……..we’ve learned more than just barbering. I’m the oldest in the crew and these guys are like my little brothers. That’s how much we have bonded.”
Manu Tameifuna

We can’t wait to see what happens as the Original 5 continue to refine their skills and start their own barbering businesses. So if you’re looking for a Blacktown barber, get in touch. We know a few…

Words: Christian Tancred

Images: Ali Mousawi

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