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Demystifying the Screen Budget

Eighteen emerging screen content producers from Western Sydney recently had a crash course in the Fundamentals of Screen Budgets at I.C.E.

Kelly Vincent, Project Manager at Screen Australia, drew on her wealth of experience to take participants through, step-by-step, the infamous A – Z Screen Budget templates.

“The workshop was very useful to me as a first time producer,” said participant Olga Markovic. “It gave me direct access to and assistance from Screen Australia with budgeting in general as well as answers to my specific questions.”

The A – Z budgets are industry recognised and standard for drama, documentary and online formats, especially for projects seeking funding assistance from the screen agencies. They can seem daunting until someone like Kelly takes participants through the requirements.

“Understanding the basics of production budgeting is a valuable and necessary skill for all producers,” said Kelly Vincent, Project Manager at Screen Australia. “This course was designed to de-mystify the complexities of these budgets and hopefully provided the participants with a solid foundation that they can draw from throughout their career.”

“I don’t feel as ‘lost’ in the process,” said Olga. “It definitely made me more confident to start on our budget, which up until now felt quite overwhelming.”

The Fundamentals of Screen Budget is part of I.C.E’s Screen Cultures Program and will be followed by ‘round table’ meetings in which participants will present their draft budgets for projects in development, and seek Kelly’s expert advice and guidance on specific problem areas.

Workshops on Finance Planning will also be presented soon.

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