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Artist interview : Hannah Lockwood

How would you describe your music?
My music is a reflection of my being, my state of mind, and my concerns and hopes. Broadly speaking, it sits on the ‘darker’, more ‘aggressive’ end of the music spectrum, as soft and hard variations of noise, harmony and rhythm. Industrial, breakbeat, post punk, jazz, hardcore, blues, political techno, classical and hip hop are styles of music that directly influence my music creation.

What artists are you listening to right now?
Lately I have been listening to a lot of traditional Maori music, dreaming of loved ones. I like to chill and dance to the music of DJ Stingray, Aphex Twin, Travis Scott, and Young Thug. I’m feeling very inspired by Australian artists like Divide and Dissolve, Ptwiggs, Nerve, Jikuroux, Mark and Barking. Fresh, strong times ahead

What’s the piece of gear you couldn’t live without?
My interest in electronic music creation came about from my discovery of modular synthesis. My modular synth was the first electronic instrument I owned that existed outside of a laptop, in and of itself. I also love my Octatrack for the power and freedom it has afforded my live sets, and my Vermona DRM-1 for studio work.

What’s the best piece of advise you’ve been given as an artist?
Your ears are your currency, respect them. Fuck all rules and expectations – experiment as radically as possible. And work hard.

What was your first gig as a performer?
My first show as a performer was alongside Gareth, in support of John Elliot as Imaginary Softwoods. It changed the course of everything for me, and John’s performance still remains one of the best i’ve heard

Why should young, aspiring producers apply to All Girl Electronic?
Throughout high school I desired to make music but it was not until years later when I reached university that I could access an open support network and the appropriate resources. I’d encourage anyone interested in music to take advantage of this relatively unique opportunity, to learn in a safe and open environment, with mentors are who are dedicated and passionate about helping young women find their artistic voice.


Hannah Lockwood is an audio engineer/electronic music producer from Sydney. Her live sets are a collision of noise and harmony centred on modular synthesizer exploitations. Through her solo projects, and as one half of Phile, Hannah has performed in support of artists including Dopplereffekt, Kangding Ray, Rdhd, Paula Temple, Efdemin, Dasha Rush, Rabih Beaini, Container, Xosar, Samuel Kerridge, Dino Sabatini, Imaginary Softwoods and Tin Man. Hannah co-founded the Deep Seeded collective in 2015, with the aim of showcasing the local live electronic artists and DJ’s who are actively breaking the boundaries of contemporary music.


If you would like more information about All Girl Electronic 2017, you can get in contact with Julia at I.C.E. for more details.
[email protected]
02 8821 9151

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Photo: Katrina James

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