Four and a half years down to one day - Information & Cultural Exchange

Four and a half years down to one day

We are so sad to see Julian, our trusty and hardworking IT Officer, leaving us. Luckily before he left he had the chance to pen some thoughts on his time here at I.C.E. We’ll miss you Julian!


Well, four and a half years down to one day. And what a last day. My fifth Arab Film Festival Australia opening and one last funding pitch to support a vital project with far reaching goals. All with these inspirational people that I have come to call friends.

Speaking of these people, I would like to say how you each have taught me something amazing that I will continue to use throughout the rest of my career and life. With inspired creativity and perseverance you are able to make these ideas, needs and outcomes into so many astounding engaging works and collaborative partnerships that have positively affected so many.

So many highlights that it would be impossible to name them all here. Watching the sun rise over the harbour bridge from a ferry on the harbour, disco dancing down Church Street, watching young people find their voice, the power of an image and how it can change a place. These are some of the  memories I will cherish from my time at I. C.E.

Those last minute phone calls with a request for some left out equipment, or working out on the fly how many amps the laptop and the audio equipment pull for a generator hire – those I don’t think I will miss.

To all of the staff,  participants, facilitators, contractors, thank you. I know that I.C.E. will continue to create amazing engaging work, I look forward to seeing what they have in store.




Photo: Michael Chin

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