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Westmead Sparkles (& we all celebrate!)

Finally the wait is over and our beautiful picture book has arrived fresh from the printer! Westmead Sparkles project engaged grandparents, parents and children from the Westmead Public School in creating their own picture book inspired by their feelings of belonging to their school and the daily activities that every Kindergarten children experience in the first year of their school life.

From crossing the road safely, playing in the schoolyard with friends or colouring with bright crayons, the book reveals one day in the life of a Westmead Kindergarten child.

The families from Westmead Public School are proud to share their experience and express their sense of belonging to their beloved and beautiful primary school.
From the schoolyard to the library, wander through the children’s incredible imagination!

On the 18th September 2017, all our participating families gathered to proudly celebrate their wonderful achievement at the school in the presence of the I.C.E. team, the Westmead Hub team and the school principal. It was a feast as we all brought in a plate of food to share!

Everyone was delighted when they received their own copy of Westmead Sparkles. The children were laughing while looking at the pages with excitement and delight in their eyes! Sparsh, Shaun and Aishita were trying to spot each other throughout the book and were giggling the whole time. Laksiga and Abhiram were also enjoying the book and saying: “This is the sun I made!“,Oh that’s my drawing!”.

The parents were so happy with the result:

It is amazing to see my son and I in this book at his own school!”

What a beautiful book, we love it so much!

Thank you very much to Anamika, Bella and Yamane for providing us with this nice workshop, we really looked forward to it every week and now my daughter is sad that it’s finished.”

Westmead Sparkles was made possible with the dedication and talent of our brilliant artists who worked with the families week by week but also behind the scene by collating and utilising all the mesmerising designs and artworks created by the parents and the children.

More information about this project, as well as a sneak-peek at the finished book, can be found on the Westmead Sparkles page.

Words: Yamane Fayed
Images: Nabilah Anwar

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