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All Girl Electronic | 7 Questions with Gillian Kayrooz

ALL GIRL ELECTRONIC 2017 is drawing to a close and we’re ending on a high note as we present the emerging producers of the 2017 program at End of an AGE.

We asked the crew 7 questions so you can get to know a bit about them and their music, below are Gillian’s answers.

7 Questions with Gillian Kayrooz

  1. Where is your hood?
  2. What is your age?
  3. Who is your favourite music producer right now?
    It’s a tie between Jikuroux and Rainbow Chan right now. They both have such an experimental and interesting way of using samples and breaking down one or two beats of a sound. It makes the act of listening to the everyday extremely fascinating. Both of their music I find extremely visual which is awesome when your needing some inspiration or just chilling out. Not to forget some kick-ass female electronic music representation here!!!
  4. If you could pick a theme song for your life what would it be?
    Life changes so I feel that the ‘theme song for my life’ has to too! Right now I’m really feeling Jikuroux’s Slow Pressure but I’d have to mix that up with a lil bit of Drake’s Fake Love at the moment.
  5. What is the hardest part about making music?
    To not overcomplicate things. It’s super easy to become overwhelmed by a bunch of sounds that you love and the need to use them all at once. You need to start simple, keep it minimal and go from there. It’s super easy to just keep adding sounds on top of sounds, but I have really found through the workshops that the beauty of making music is taking a simple sound and using it to it’s full potential before you begin to add anything else. In a way, making sure I am doing the sound or sample justice.
  6. What is the best part about making music?
    The best part is it’s not all about skill and expensive equipment. Some of the best sounds I have come across have been a one or two second of a sound recording on my phone. Coming from a Visual Arts background I like to treat music making the same as making art, in a space where I can relax and totally enter a creative mindset and experiment. There is no right or wrong so everything I make can be either chucked into an archive for later or be worked on immediately. Making electronic, particularly with access to such a wide variety of plugins online can make the joy of soundscape and music creation endless!
  7. Describe your music in three words.
    Samples, Experimental, Visual.


You can catch Gillian and the rest of the All Girl Electronic crew at the free, all-ages event, End of an AGE on December 2 at ICE. RSVP here:

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