A meeting with Create NSW – Screen - Information & Cultural Exchange

A meeting with Create NSW – Screen

Olga Markovic is an emerging producer from Western Sydney. She booked in for a session during our October IN HOUSE at I.C.E sessions and has recapped her experience below.

Meeting face to face with Create NSW was valuable to me and I got so much out of it. I am a first-time producer and having the chance to speak in detail about my productions directly with an executive from Create NSW was something I probably would not have had the opportunity to do without I.C.E.

I got so many practical and useful tips that were specific to each of my projects, and they also gave me a better understanding how things work, not only in relation to their own funding but also in relation to the Australian industry as a whole, especially focusing on the 3 different mediums for the projects I have; film, tv and web. They were very keen to hear our stories and ideas. They took away our proposals and viewed the episodes of our web series and provided great feedback a week later as promised.

As a result of the meeting, I have some ideas to work with and a realistic expectation of the next steps to take.  I feel this is the beginning of an ongoing relationship and discussion, and for that I would like to thank I.C.E.

Words: Olga Markovic

If you would like to know more about IN HOUSE at I.C.E or book a session please visit: ice.org.au/project/screen-nsw-in-house-at-i-c-e/

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