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Produce Perfect | What advice would you give your past self?

A lot can happen in a year, the participants from Produce Perfect know that first-hand. At the beginning 2017, 10 emerging screen content producers were selected to be a part of the intensive 8-week skills and professional development program, culminating in a pitching session to a panel of industry professionals.

We wanted to check in with the group from Produce Perfect 2017 to ask one question: What advice would you give your past self in regards to producing your films? 

If I had the chance to go back, and talk to my 2016-self, I would tell her to be patient and stay confident. Confidence can be a tricky thing to hold on to, and it can often feel like nothing is happening, or happening fast enough. But good things come to those who not only wait, but to those who work hard, and make things happen. Anything is possible with some determination!
– Laurren Brannigan-Onato

When you truly allow yourself to believe in your own voice and the stories you want to make, there’s really nothing to fear. Surrender all personal judgement and go for it because the time is only ever now. Treat your projects with respect by making time for them and prioritising them as number one. There’s only so much “learning” or preparation you can do, before you need to just do the thing and then the “doing” becomes the learning anyway. No other person can make you accountable for your own progress but you, so let imperfection and collaboration be your two best friends. And lastly, never never underestimate the simplicity of standing in front of someone and pitching your idea from that place of honesty and authenticity. You don’t always need bells, trumpets and whistles to pitch a good story. If its authentic and coming from the right place, the story will speak for itself.
– Danielle Stamoulos

Take the time to develop your idea, talk about your idea openly and gauge other’s reactions, talk to close friends and strangers about it. You’ll find in that early development phase if your idea is special and can lead you to an awesome project. Too many times emerging filmmakers make the mistake of being too protective, which means their films generate in a bubble – it’s easy to be upset when an audience doesn’t take to your work. But now I’m finding the longer your development process, where you can figure out all the problems down the line and address them, the stronger your project becomes. Do the prep work! Just because we can shoot faster on digital does not mean we should skip on the human work.
– Vonne Patiag

The advice I would give myself would be… To not be deterred by too much external opinion and follow my instincts when developing the concept for a film. Also, seek out more collaborators at the production stage to produce the film to a higher standard.
– Gemma Quilty


The good news is that Produce Perfect is back in 2018 and applications are now open. Emerging screen content producers from Western Sydney are invited to apply. The 8-week skills development program includes guest speakers and facilitators who are experienced screen industry professionals sharing their knowledge and insights for creating a viable screen business in Western Sydney.

Places are strictly limited for this program and applications close on Monday January 29, 2018.

Apply here:

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