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Produce Perfect | Danielle Stamoulos

With PRODUCE PERFECT 2018 just around the corner we were interested to see what Danielle Stamoulos has been up to since winning the PRODUCE PERFECT 2017 pitching session. Below, she tells us a little about her attachment with Giant Dwarf in 2017.

What was your role with Giant Dwarf and what did you do?
I was the Script Co-ordinator for the recent ABC Comedy The Letdown, created and written by Sarah Scheller and Alison Bell. I was a production attachment on the show and I worked intimately with the show’s Story Producer as well as the writers Sarah and Alison on editing their scripts. My main role was making all the Script Amendments for all of the episodes for season one. I also spent my early days proofreading scripts and I was occasionally on set to see the action unfold which was fun! My favourite job was when I eventually got to write promotional materials such as character bios and episode synopses for each episode.

What did you learn from the experience?
My experience of working on The Letdown was altogether challenging, enlightening and completely immersive in the arena of script editing for TV Comedy. Everyone on the team were very welcoming and it was invaluable to work intimately with the production team, writers and Story Producer. It was also a great challenge and forced me to tackle new skills I hadn’t previously dealt with at length. It was a significant education in understanding the layered process of making script amendments, particularly in a rigorous environment where the scripts were constantly evolving–and no surprise there because it’s comedy! We were often being sent edits overnight or even minutes before finalising an episode script to send around to production. It was a real lesson in comedy craft itself as well; in understanding all the various colours of what makes truly great narrative comedy. This was perfect for me since I’m currently writing comedies of my own. Since working on The Letdown my respect for the blood, sweat and tears that the script department goes through on any production grew a hundredth fold more! I often spread the word on this now whenever people ask me what a Script Co-ordinator does exactly. It’s really quite amazing all the effort that is shared amongst the writing team. Most of all, I learnt a lot about myself and my ability to cope with constant change. I feel I’ve naturally grown a lot with this experience and I couldn’t be more grateful.

What’s next for you?
I’m in the midst of writing a series bible and pilot for a web series I’ve been working on for over a year now, which was the winning pitch during ICE’s Produce Perfect workshops. What I can say is… its a little spooky, quirky and highly inappropriate. It’s also a story very close to my heart as its inspired by my Greek upbringing and also set in Western Sydney, a community I adore and only wish to see more stories about on our screens!

If you’re an emerging screen content producer and you’d like to be a part of Produce Perfect 2018 you can apply HERE.
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