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Post-Produce Perfect | Ilai Swindells

Produce Perfect graduate, Ilai Swindells, has been extremely busy since finishing up the 2017 Produce Perfect program. Diversifying his creative talents as actor, screenwriter and emerging producer, Ilai has recently completed acting roles at La Boite Theatre Company, Australian Theatre for Young People and a guest-starring role in ABC’s latest drama Harrow. Most recently Ilai has secured his place as the newest host on ABCME’s Break The Future.

He’s shared a little about his journey below, and touched on the fact that learning the ins and outs of screen production has helped him develop further not only as a producer but also as a performer.

Produce Perfect, coupled with previous acting and writing credits in television, helped me to understand that I’m more than just an actor. In order to survive a tough industry I need to adapt and diversify the talents I possess. The program gave me an insight into the minds of the film and TV producer, and I have a greater understanding of the commercial framework the Australian funding bodies and production companies operate within.

Produce Perfect stressed what needs to happen to an idea in order for it to become your currency; Understand that ideas only become valuable once they are formatted into a treatment or a script.  There is not just one platform in which to tell your story and you cannot have just one idea, because none of us walking this earth have only one idea, one experience. We have many and you must develop and work on everything you got!

Catch Ilai hosting Break The Future every week on ABCME, or watch Break The Future anytime via the ABCME app.

Produce Perfect is part of I.C.E.’s Screen Cultures Program, which focuses on professional development for emerging and established screenwriters, producers and filmmakers.

I.C.E.’s Screen Cultures Program works to provide training, mentorship, and builds and broker relationships between Western Sydney filmmakers, content creators and screen industry stakeholders.

Words by: Ilai Swindells
Photo by: Marcus Hart

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