Fitness Fun for Families with Stephanie | Family Creative Hub - Information & Cultural Exchange

Fitness Fun for Families with Stephanie | Family Creative Hub

The Family Creative Hub wrapped up Term 1 with with a unique fitness session for mums and bubs facilitated by Family Creative Hub participating mum and fitness enthusiast Stephanie with her two lovely assistants Davina (2 yrs) and Davin (5 yrs).

The Fitness Fun for Families session was an opportunity for Stephanie to develop a gentle workout routine, that she could deliver while having her kids with her, with steps that involved the kids either as active participants or cuddly weights for their mums.

Dancing and working out to pop tunes selected by Stephanie (of course including the iconic Hey Mickey), Stephanie lead the women on a fun, energising routine which involved lots of laughter, pompoms and balloons. 

Fitness Fun for Families is a wonderful opportunity for all families. For me it is a great fun time bonding with my kids.

There’s a lot of positive health benefits. Balancing moods and increasing energy levels.


Words, video and photo: Eddie Abd

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