Introducing Tannika Keaton | I.C.E. Administration Assistant - Information & Cultural Exchange

Introducing Tannika Keaton | I.C.E. Administration Assistant

I’m Tannika, I’m a young Indigenous girl with a strong connection to my Aboriginal heritage because of my grandmother’s knowledge about her ancestors from Deepwater, the Ngarrbal tribe also known as (Ngarabal, Ngoorabul) people.
I’ve just started at I.C.E. as Administration Assistant a traineeship role I found through ArtsReady.

I left school early, halfway through year 12, to follow a different pathway that I felt was more suitable to me. In leaving I joined an employment agency in Penrith and that’s how I found ArtsReady. ArtsReady seemed like a good way to help me to find an Indigenous traineeship in the creative/arts industry. It was through ArtsReady that I saw the opportunity to apply for a role at Information and Cultural Exchange.

Before this job I had never experienced work in the Arts, so it’s been a great starting point for me in learning the types of creative and arts-based careers there are in Sydney.

I knew of I.C.E. through one of their previous projects, Kasey is Missing; I’m from the Penrith area and that project and film was such a big achievement for the community and my high school. Some of my friends and fellow students participated in the creation, production and filming of the web series. It was so cool to witness the process and follow along with our Aboriginal mentor as the girls went through the process of making Kasey is Missing.

Being a part of the I.C.E. team has been an eye opener to the idea of type of arts work is being done around Sydney and its given me knowledge about a type of career that I never previously knew existed.

Words: Tannika Keaton

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