Didi’s Tribe takes on the Dreamers Fall Markets | by Anamika - Information & Cultural Exchange

Didi’s Tribe takes on the Dreamers Fall Markets | by Anamika

Anamika has been the facilitator for the Didi’s Tribe project throughout 2017 and into 2018. Alongside ceramicist, Nicole Lister, Anamika has worked with the ladies of Didi’s Tribe to create beautiful ceramics, culminating in the ladies heading to the Dreamers Fall Markest at Riverside Theatre on 12 May. Anamika has recapped the exciting day below.

Didi’s Tribe has come a long way in their training and it was finally time for us to face our biggest challenge by selling our artwork in the Dreamers Market at Riverside Theatre in Parramatta.

Our ceramic products were ready but we needed to finalise lots of little details specifically related to the market. Nicole and I worked really hard with a few of the ladies to make everything just perfect, whether it was the personalised packaging, Didi’s Tribe description of the project, the safety and care card instructions, our special banner or our stall presentation. Shubhangi designed our logo on paper and created a fabulous banner on fabric to illustrate our stall while Arpita helped Nicole and I with wrapping the ceramics properly into boxes, sorting out the stickers, the cards and lots of other tiny details that proved to be crucial for the success of the stall!

Learning how to use the EFTPOS machine, handle the cash and issue receipts was another new experience for most of us and very helpful on the day. Lots of logistics and planning went into this new phase of the project. Rehearsals were also important as we needed to know each person’s role on the day, set up a roaster for every lady who came to help and really feel ready to handle the public’s reaction to our work.

Before the market, our first customer was John. He bought a beautiful set of bowls and beakers and was quite satisfied with it. The day before the market, Eddie bought a beaker, bowl and a spoon and I felt it was a lucky start for Didi’s Tribe!

On Saturday 12th May, I arrived at the Dreamer’s Market at 7:40am. I was confident but a little nervous. Nicole arrived soon after and we started unloading her car. At 8:00am, the door opened and Nicole, Shubhangi and I started our setup for the stall. We did our best setup as per the plan and were getting lots of positive feedbacks from other stallholders, but the real test would start at 9:30am. Despite the bad weather on the day, our stall slowly became one of the busiest stalls in the market. We had 6 volunteers who each took turn to help with packing the sold products, keeping track of what was happening, sharing our story with visitors. Everyone wanted to know the meaning behind each design they were buying. There was a long queue of customers but everything was going very smoothly. People were amazed by the quality and the beautifully crafted ceramics! By the end of the day, we sold quite a large number of ceramics. The gold lustre, jewellery, henna and mandala designs were a hit, attracting a lot of interest!

All the Didi’s were so happy and so proud to be part of Didi’s Tribe. Their family and friends also visited the market and shared their pride and joy. We all congratulated each other by the end of the day.

As being part of that team, I was over the moon and proud too. I couldn’t ask better than this for that day. In my opinion, it was a very successful day! A big thanks to all the Didi’s who helped with the market stall preparations and created beautiful ceramic products!!! It was an incredible success and a fantastic new learning curve for the whole team!

Special thanks to Shubhangi & Jagriti for bringing Masala Chai, food (Laddoo & Dhokla) to the market.

Words by Anamika
Photo by Morgan Graham

Read more about Didi’s Tribe here: https://ice.org.au/project/didis-tribe/

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