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ALL GIRL ELECTRONIC | Lizeth Mendoza Yalan interviews Antonia Gauci

All Girl Electronic musician Lizeth Mendoza Yalan has interviewed All Girl Electronic mentor Antonia Gauci about all things music; including production, dealing with writer’s block and representation of women in the industry.

Besides music, where else do you draw inspiration from?
Photography – Particularly landscapes and nature, lots of greenery, and impressionist art

Are there any genres/tones that you gravitate to more?
I always gravitate towards dark and moody tones. Something that can get me to feel some kind of
emotional connection.

What is it that drew you to study Audio Engineering, what do you love it, why is it important to you?
I wanted to be part of the recording process but being the artist wasn’t something that interested me (at the time). Being involved creatively behind the scenes seemed like the better fit and I just rolled with it. I love that as an engineer producer you can be creative and listen to music every day, and that you’re always learning a new way to do something!

What advice would you give to people with writer’s block (people who feel stuck, are shy or have anxiety)?
I’m still trying to find my own answer to this, but I guess it’s a good combination of the following
— Show and talk through your work with other music makers / friends. They might be able to shed some light or help change the perspective that you hold on your own work.
— Check back in with music that sounds similar to your own, or artists you really admire to listen to the “formulas” they’ve used. See if you can apply them to your own.
— Most importantly though, I think knowing when to give yourself a break. Let yourself relax, come back when you’re feeling less stressed – It can work wonders.
— Also, deadlines move and change all the time, so don’t be afraid to push yours back if you have one in place.

Do you have any gear that you cherish, what are some of your favourite?
My 3 favourite things are my Neumann U87 Microphone, Quad 8 Preamps and Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 8 module.

Who are some composers/engineers that inspire you/motivate you?
Marta Salogni, Heba Kedry, Anna Laverty, Catherine Marks

If you weren’t in the music industry, where else would you see yourself?
Not too sure, possibly photography.

Who are some of your favourite female artists?
Sevdaliza, Kučka, Charli XCX, Alvvays, Hatchie, Cardi B

Have you designed any hardware, built any analog, electronic musical instruments?
Not yet – but hoping to one day!

Women are immensely under represented and misrepresented in the music industry. What do you think we can do to bring this issue forward? 
Highlight women’s achievements in the field. Further encourage and educate young women wanting to take up a career in the industry and promote the opportunities on offer. Also, continued education directed towards our male peers / dropping the boys club attitude.

Interview of Antonia Gauci by Lizeth Mendoza Yalan
Image by Julia Mendel

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