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M for Amma! | First day of Shooting

Anamika welcomes us with a  wide smile. “Come in“, she says.

I’ve known Anamika for over two years now; she was a participant of the Family Creative Hub program in its early years. She is an artist, a performer and also a designer with a strong command and knowledge of traditional forms of Indian painting.

I am so happy to be able to work with her and her 6-year old boy Pranshu again, and on a project that we both strongly believe in – the importance of speaking with our kids in our mother tongue.

So, Barbara (the project’s soft spoken, hugely talented videographer) and I step into Anamika’s house to be welcomed by a deliciously inviting aroma coming from her kitchen.

Something I made for you to try later“, she smiles. My mouth waters with anticipation… but first let’s get to work.

Pranshu runs down the stairs to say hello, he seems to have remembered me, and he leads us upstairs to their beautiful pooja room. I ask Anamika if it’s okay for us to film in this room to which she nods, lights incense and sets the scene for the most warm and enjoyable filming shoot I’ve ever taken part in.

Anamika and Pranshu are naturals in front of the camera, they sing, laugh, count and teach us the names of colours in Hindi. We view together what we filmed and everyone is happy with the results. We call it a wrap and start packing up only to be swiftly ushered into the kitchen where Anamika proudly unviels the mini banquet she prepared for us. I suddenly feel my chocolate box was vastly inadequate… Next time I’ll be more creative with my gift.

And it’s another day’s work done, I think to myself, and the start of many more filming days ahead.

We can’t wait to watch the finished videos with Anamika and Pranshu, and all the families we’ll be sharing M for Amma! with.

Words and photo by Eddie Abd.

Read more about M for Amma! here: https://ice.org.au/project/m-for-amma/
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