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The Sound behind the Sound: General Admission | Stephanie Sophia Barahona

The All Girl Electronic crew are a talented bunch… and their skills don’t end at music production. All Girl Electronic musician Stephanie is also a journalist, and fellow All Girl Electronic musician Alessandra is one part of a podcast duo.
Stephanie interviewed Alessandra and her co-host Genevieve about their new podcast which has just been nominated for The Australian Podcast Awards. Enjoy!

Music journalist Genevieve Gao and former Blitz Radio manager, musician and All Girl Electronic fellow Alessandra Arias are but one of the two brains behind the new podcast sensation known as General Admission (GA).

“We were on our university radio, we volunteered there together and that’s where we met. I had my own show and Gen had her own too. Eventually we became friends and started featuring on each other’s shows,” said Arias.

After working alongside together for two years at their university radio station, Blitz Radio at UNSW, coupled with their mutual love of music, the two decided to join forces to create a platform that granted listeners with what they describe as “front-row tickets to the stories behind the sounds” of some of their favourite artists, musicians and bands from around the world.

“We wanted to make something that would reach people with the stories that we were telling and that’s where the podcast kind of evolved”, said Gao.

Despite this being their very first official project together, Arias and Gao instinctively knew that they would work well together as fellow musicians and writers.

Outside of the realm of podcasting, both Arias and Gao are university students. Arias is a commerce and media student and guitarist for up-in-coming local Sydney band Chicanery. The band has been featured on FBI Radio‘s Independent Artist.

Meanwhile, media student Gao has worked as rock and metal journalist for publications like Wall of Sound, Moshcam, and Tone Deaf.

A podcast match made in heaven.

“I always say that if you are going to do a podcast you need to find the right person. You need to find a person who compliments your skill set because if you are too similar you are not going to be able to encompass the entire thing”, said Gao

Since their debut in late February of this year, they have attracted an impressive and eclectic range of local and international artists to appear on the show such as MS MR‘s Lizzy Plapinger and season three X Factor Australia winner Reece Mastin.

And with a uniquely introspective approach in showcasing the stories and thoughts of their guests about music and ‘non-music’ related topics, it is no wonder then that they have been nominated for the award of best newcomer at The Australian Podcast Awards this May.

“I still cannot believe. I’m pinching myself!” said Gao.

“We launched our first episode around late February so we haven’t been making our podcast for very long time so it’s cool to sort of see that emerge and be recognised”, added Arias.

With the recent launch of their website, the two promise to deliver more content and plan to expand General Admission as a brand across a variety of media platforms in the near future.

“There is a blog section that we added onto our website and we have both written articles before so we thought it be cool to add a blog element there. We want to expand the GA brand to make this more than a podcast”, said Arias.

“To be across all platforms in this day and age is important. And if you really want to be a brand you’ve got to be everywhere,” added Gao.

Words and Image by Stephanie Sophia Barahona

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