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Australian Writers’ Guild | Meet-n-Greet

Ideas and stories flowed freely last Friday 22 June, as the Australian Writers’ Guild (AWG) met with 18 emerging screenwriters from culturally diverse backgrounds at I.C.E. in Parramatta.

Emma Rafferty, AWG’s General Manager, and Susie Hamilton, Professional Development Manager and Manager of the Pathways Program, spent the evening talking to Western Sydney screenwriters who outlined their slate of current projects and the barriers they have experienced getting their work to the next stage.

‘They were so impressive!’ said Emma who explained that she and Susie ‘felt energised by their passion and commitment to their craft.’

Emma and Susie spoke about the Guild’s own commitment to supporting writers from under represented communities through the AWG’s Diversity and Inclusion Advisory Committee and a range of other partnerships with stakeholders.

This meeting has set up the framework for exploring further opportunities with AWG, I.C.E. and Western Sydney screen content producers.

The AWG meet-n-greet is part of the I.C.E. Screen Cultures program’s ongoing commitment to strengthen the Western Sydney screen cultures network and provide opportunities for emerging Western Sydney filmmakers and screen content producers to meet with industry stakeholders.
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Photo by Barry Gamba


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