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Clare Brown on her newest track ‘What The World Needs’

Clare Brown has been making music with Club Weld for the past three years and has just released her latest track titled ‘What The World Needs’. Club Weld facilitator, Sam Worrad, has had a chat with Clare the process of creating this new song.

Congratulations on ‘What The World Needs’, Clare. It’s unlike any other song you’ve made to date. Can you explain a little about your inspiration in putting it together?
What The World Needs is unlike my other 2 songs. The lyrics were the inspiration for the music.  I was determined to have a song that had meaning behind it. I have always found lyrics the hardest thing to do. So making this song where lyrics were already made was honestly a breath of fresh air. I’m known to avoid doing lyrics for four weeks easily. I will even make a new song in that time to avoid lyrics

So my inspiration was well very simple really, the world needed hope and no one was singing about it. So I wanted to make a song about it. I wrote the lyrics about a week or so after the 3 attacks in London last year.  These attacks particularly hit home for me more than other attacks. For me being half English, England like Australia feels like home to me and to hear there has been 3 attacks on a place I consider home was hard. The song honestly is far more than I ever planned it to be. It still moves me every time I hear it.

Did you come across any difficulties in getting it done?
I think all musicians come across difficulties making music otherwise we would be making full songs every day. I think for me my biggest challenge generally is always the instrumentals and what to use and when I also find listening to myself singing a challenge, as I can hear all the imperfections in the original recording. Thankfully the finished product has no rough edges.

I am my own worst critic I’m incredibly tough on myself. I remember a particular session of recording and I walked out and I was in a trance after the instrumentals when you go home humming your own tune I think you know you’re on to something special.

How was it performing the song live for the first time?
I will be honest: completely nerve wracking and exhilarating at the same time. I adore performing for people, my parents always said I have stage presence and when I’m on that stage I feel at home. The hour or so leading up to it though is a different story.

Performing my own song was honestly amazing, for me it was really that realisation of yes I am a musician making music and people are hearing it. I’m a perfectionist so when during rehearsals I forgot my own lyrics I kind of freaked out. However having had that I also knew it wouldn’t happen on stage

What’s next for you musically?
Well I have recently finished a purely instrumental piece inspired by bagpipes. I know it’s rather an unusual choice, I have wanted to for almost three years and have now successfully made a Scottish marching band piece that honestly continues to blow me away. I’m actually about to move interstate so I’m not really sure what’s happening for me musically next however, I will be keeping in contact with club weld and dropping by when I’m in town. I’m also exploring other music making apps so that I can make songs from distance and send them through.

Is there anything you’d like to add?
I would like to thank Aspect and I.C.E. as well as Pasko and Sam for this amazing opportunity.

If it wasn’t for Club Weld, I would of never started making music. I joined Club Weld not even interested in making music, but I had a passion for music. And through gentle nudging I was making music 3 weeks into joining Club Weld in 2015.

Words by Clare Brown
Photo by Victoria Harbutt

Listen to ‘What The World Needs’ here:
Read more about Club Weld here:

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