Post-Produce Perfect: Q&A with our youngest emerging producer, Genesis - Information & Cultural Exchange

Post-Produce Perfect: Q&A with our youngest emerging producer, Genesis

Genesis joined the Produce Perfect program as the youngest participant we’ve had to the program yet. She was a bit of a special exception… she came to I.C.E.’s attention as one of the winners of Pitch Pleez, a pitching competition in partnership with the Pacifica Film Festival in 2016, and when she applied for Produce Perfect we knew she would be a fit for the 8-week intensive skills-development program.
For Genesis the experience of Produce Perfect was a little different because she’s still in high school. We wanted to have a chat to Genesis about what it was like balancing Produce Perfect with her school studies and, now that assessment season is out of the way, she’s kindly obliged. We’re really looking forward to seeing where Genesis heads to next on her path to producing.

What prompted you to apply for Produce Perfect 2018?
I wanted to learn all aspects of filmmaking and the process of it all. I wanted to learn what it takes to be a part of what I’m passionate about. I am familiar with the creative side to it but not the actual business end of it.

What sparked your interest in filmmaking?
I’ve always loved telling stories. At first I started with telling stories through art (my drawings). I would draw little series of comics for my younger brother to show and read to after. After that, I started to play around with the camera and iMovie app on my new laptop I got in year 7. I started to edit videos and soon I found my passion for creating films and bringing my stories and ideas to life. My brother and sister and I had lots of fun making videos of ‘magic’ tricks.

Did you enjoy the Produce Perfect program? Was it what you expected it would be like?
I enjoyed it a lot. I always looked forward to going there after school even though it was far to get to. I didn’t really expect anything, I was just curious to see what I got myself into but also interested in how I could learn more about the business side of things. Some of the information was a lot to take on (e.g. IP and Law) but having the resources with me has been very helpful for me to read back on.

What was the Final Pitching session like? In hindsight would you have done anything differently?
I was really nervous but I had a lot of encouragement from my class. I would have liked to have more time to develop my pitch but also not to have spent so much time worrying about it because it was over before I knew it. But I had fun.

Was it tricky to balance Produce Perfect with school committments?
Yes, it was a bit difficult. Assignments and homework was tedious to catch up on but in the end it all turned out okay.

What’s your next step in working towards your producing/filmmaking goals?
For now I’m focusing on school but I have a lot of stories to tell and a lot of ideas. I think I’m just nervous to share them with the world. In saying that though, I am exploring possibilities of starting my degree earlier than later.

What advice would you give to other people who are still in school and interested in working towards filmmaking?
Just do it. Pick up whatever you have – a phone, a camera, etc. and film what you have created in your mind. If you’re nervous about sharing what you have to say or tell, its okay. I am too. But it is okay. As cheesy as this sounds, you should do whatever makes you happy.

Words by Genesis
Photo by Morgan Graham

Read more about Produce Perfect here:

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