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Club Weld 2018 Updates!

The Club Weld musicians have been busy writing and recording new music this year, so we thought it was about time we checked in with Facilitator Sam Worrad about all the exciting things in the works for 2018.

What’s been happening at this year at Club Weld?
This term has been about getting back to our Parra studio and doing a lot of writing and recording. Last year we spent some time in the Intel Studio at the Opera House working on some major collaborations (like Burn Like A Star, which features 10 players), whereas this year we’ve been more or less going it ‘solo’. That’s been reflected in a couple of releases by Charbel Nehme (Dear Mum, I’m Sending You a Letter) and Clare Brown (What The World Needs) that have arrived in the last month or two.
We like doing compilation albums – and there might be more of those to come – but it seemed like a good time to present the musicians in their own right. There’s quite a bit of exciting stuff that’s nearing completion. Andrew Barrett, Jerrah Patston, Paolo Donia, Clare Brown and the Morning Session have all got some new songs. Pasko Schravemade has also produced a new single for Chris Stiles. I just heard it and it’s incredible.

Can you tell us a bit about Paolo’s current art project?
Paolo Donia is doing some interesting anthropomorphic cartoons of artist Roy De Maistre and Roland Wakelin as part of our Razzle Dazzle Orchestra residency at the Art Gallery of NSW (AGNSW). Paolo’s a really accomplished visual artist, so it’s great that he’s found a way to work that in to his music practice.
Late last year he played an improv set at the AGNSW with Jerry Kahale and Nicola Morton, and that recording will probably be released before the end of the year. That day also had some performances by Jerrah Patston and The Morning Session crew (Chris Stiles, TJ Stines, Anthony Talarico), and we’ll be heading back to the gallery shortly. Andrew Barrett, Clare Brown, Corey Barclay and Charbel Nehme have also been in and out of the gallery, and it’s been excellent to hear their take on some interesting works.

How have the morning jam sessions been going?
Really well! We’re piecing together some recordings from a really big archive. Every week there’s something interesting, so there’s a lot to sift through. Corey Barclay has also been working instrumentally with Pasko, expanding his skills on the Push. His repertoire of cover songs is also growing pretty rapidly.

Any exciting news about the upcoming Club Weld Remix The House vinyl release?
The LP’s been sent off for pressing, and I’m keen for the musicians to get their hands on a copy. There’s new cover art by Sukit and the crew are really in to it. A vinyl LP is a first for Club Weld, and everybody’s looking forward to getting it in to the shops.

Words and photo by Sam Worrad

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