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Entertaining the masses with Jerrah Patston

Club Weld Facilitator, Sam Worrad, had a chat to Jerrah Patston about what he’s been up to recently, including his upcoming show on Friday 28 September for Parramatta Pop Up: Friday Night Lights:

You’ve been playing a lot of shows lately, how have they been going?
They’ve been going really well. Mostly places like Chester Hill, Camperdown, The Community Cup and I.C.E. in Parramatta coming up. That’s where [Sydney] Fringe is gonna be for those of you who don’t know. We’ve had some good crowds and a number of people saying “We really liked your set”, and I thought “Wow!”.

Are you excited to play in Parramatta since you spent a lot of time working on music there?
Oh, I think it’s going to be a good experience. I’m going to invite my friends Emma and JB. It’s going to be a really good night. There’s lots of really good bands lined up between Jerry (Kahale) and the DJs and all the other good stuff that you’ll see as well.

Where else do you usually play live?
Glenbrook Markets once a month with another talented musician Isaac Grouse, and also at Bucklands (aged care facility) for the residents.

What do you like best about playing in front of an audience?
It’s a lot of fun because audiences can feel free to sing along to my originals or otherwise enjoy the music.

Why do you like writing new songs?
I think song writing’s fantastic. I think song writing is not an easy thing to do when you’re a community musician but I guess if you’ve written so many songs then it’s good.

Anything else?
Well, I just want to say thank you so much to everyone who’s coming to enjoy Fringe.

Jerrah Patston interviewed by Sam Worrad
Photo by Lyndal Irons

Join us at Parramatta Pop Up: Friday Night Lights on Friday 28 September at I.C.E.: https://facebook.com/events/311126392977173/

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