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A special guest at Spellbound Storytime

The Spellbound Storytime program has had a really exciting term of learning and development. Professional storyteller Kiran Shah spent five weeks sharing her extensive storytelling knowledge with the ladies and,  for one session, the group welcomed a very special guest to join in on the program. Nanao Tsukuda is a visual artist based in Kyoto, Japan. During her visit to Sydney, Nanao stopped by the program to join in and open up a conversation about families, customs and celebrations. 

I am Nanao Tsukuda, artist from Japan, staying in Sydney as a short residency artist. Thank you very much for the Spellbound Storytime group, I really enjoyed the visit and the participation to the program.

As now I am researching about Happy Birthdays in different cultures, it was very interesting for me to share some knowledges and stories with the members of the Spellbound Storytelling group. We could have a very good conversation not only about Happy Birthdays, but also about the religious backgrounds and some other related family customs. It was really interesting for me to hear how all the cultures and families have different situations. I was very surprised in a good way how everyone was open to all the topics, and shared so many interesting ideas. I also appreciate for the nice drawings of celebration dishes that they gave me for my research!

And also, I really enjoyed to join the learning of the storytelling. I didn’t know that the storytelling has so many hidden techniques! It was nice that the atmosphere of the whole class naturally brought me to work actively too, and it was a very fun experience to concentrate to move my hands and mouth together with them.
I liked how everyone is not just like a organiser or a teacher or students, and more relaxed in the warm air like friends and families. I’m happy that now I can bring back one origami storytelling that I learned together!

Thank you very much again for giving me time for the very interesting conversation, and I appreciate everyone to welcome me in a very warm attitude. I’m happy to know all the members of Spellbound Storytime group! Arigato!!!

Words by Nanao Tsukuda
Photo by Yamane Fayed

Read more about Spellbound Storytime here: https://ice.org.au/project/spellbound-storytime/

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