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Dark Comedy & Bright Ideas | Custom Made Writers’ Room Workshops

October and November 2018 saw the latest two Custom Made Writers’ Room Workshops take place at I.C.E., with new narrative content brainstormed and plotted by teams of emerging screenwriters from Western Sydney working with experienced story producers as facilitators.

Rachael Belle Myers worked with a team of social media savvy writers and facilitating story producer Greta Jackson to plot ‘Trolls Anonymous’, a dark comedy web series about four internet trolls sentenced to a court mandated group therapy program to change their cyberbullying ways.

 “I walked in with the general concept and a basic outline for the characters,” said creator Rachael Belle Myers. “I had strong themes that I wanted to cover but I needed help finding a way to deliver that in a comedic way. After the workshop, I walked away with a story world, characters with solid backgrounds and motivations and the entire season one plotted out.”
– Rachael Belle Myers

Dark comedy is proving to be a popular genre for Western Sydney creatives; Donita Hulme’s ‘Kev and Kel’ follows what happens when a beloved aunty– and scorned wife– from Fiji spots her ex in action at a nightclub in Sydney.

“I want to tell strong stories on the small screen that affect you – stories that suck you in, make you laugh, and shows you something different,” said creator Donita Hulme. “If you’re Brown, I want to tell you a story that you could relate to. If you’re not Brown, I want to let you in on a little of what’s happening next door.”
– Donita Hulme

Words and photo by Barry Gamba

Custom Made Writers’ Room Workshops are part of I.C.E.’s Screen Cultures Program, read more about the Screen Cultures Program here: https://ice.org.au/program/screen/

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