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The Milky Pop Kid takes on the world | Johanna Garvin

The Milky Pop Kid is a well-travelled film, boasting a long and impressive hit list of film festivals and screenings; The Other Film Festival (Melbourne), ReelAbilities Film Festival’s North America Program (New York, Toronto, Pittsburgh, Columbus, Houston, Portland, New Jersey and Google Headquarters, California), plus screenings as part of Mobility International USA student orientation programs.
The Milky Pop Kid Writer/Director, Johanna Garvin, has shared a little with us about the outstanding reception the film has received.

Did you imagine that The Milky Pop Kid would reach as far as it has?
I never would have imagined that The Milky Pop Kid would have reached as far as it has.  It was such a special and life changing opportunity making the film, that seeing what an impact its had since it’s just extraordinary. I feel really lucky to have been part of the team and to have had the experience.

What moments have been your highlights over the past couple of years for The Milky Pop Kid?
The whole experience of working on The Milky Pop Kid has been a huge highlight for me. From being asked to be part of the My Life My Art program all the way through to making this film with Barry, Emily, Tel, Hugh, Grant and Mick. I learnt so much from them and we have all become great friends. The icing on the cake has being seeing it being selected to screen at different film festivals; it has been a real joy.

How did you feel when you found out The Milky Pop Kid was being screened as part of an educational program in America?
It was a real thrill to hear that it was being screened as part of some educational programs; one of our goals in making this film was to educate people and raise awareness. I am so pleased to see that the audience response has been overwhelmingly positive. In knowing that we can see that we are achieving what we set out to do, which is so exciting.

What have you been working on this past year?
The past year I have been working on a script with a friend for another short film. We would like to shoot it next year.

What do you want to do next?
I’m hoping to build on the wonderful momentum of The Milky Pop Kid and continue to build my skills, advocate, write and direct.

Words by Johanna Garvin

Read more about the My Life My Art project here:

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