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Ebube Uba | Digital Diaspora – Impact Producing Workshop

Our Digital Diaspora crew got down to business with award winning producer Jackie Turnure as they took their film projects from production to impact and exploring every thought process in-between.

The Western Sydney based creatives came together with projects in hand and left with a handful of tools and an expanded vision of marketable opportunities sitting within their projects.

Workshop participant (and creator of Trolls Anonymous) Rachael Belle Myers left inspired by the wealth of knowledge brought into the room. Myers saw the workshop not only as a deluge of relevant information but found that it was structured in a way that she could immediately implement what she’d learnt into current projects. “One of the best things about the session with Jackie was how she brought real life examples of effective digital strategies”.

Seeing Turnure’s past campaigns and hearing about the end results further inspired Myers who stated that she was “very grateful for the workshop that also allowed [everyone] the opportunity to work on [their] projects with one another”.

As a working example, they took a closer look at Operation Shawarma by Fady Kassab and Ludwig El Haddad. The group then brainstormed early activations which could grow audiences for the web-series.

With the help of Turnure, they were able to identify engagement strategies aimed at creating an impact beyond entertainment in their individual projects. By better understanding the world which influences their narratives and the platforms that possibly facilitate further story telling through the lens of characters—digital or otherwise—participants increased their understanding of ways to expand their work nationally, even globally.

Ebube Uba


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Image: Impact Producing Workshop with Digital Diasporas creative teams
Back row L to R; Vonne Patiag, Moreblessing Maturure, Jackie Turnure (workshop facilitator), Rachael Belle Myers, Fady Kassab
Front row L to R; Donita Hulme, Ludwig El Haddad, Ebube Uba

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