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Parramatta in Retrograde THIS WEEKEND

Video: Jennifer Andrade

On Saturday 22 June, New Age Noise Collective is producing their first music festival, “Parramatta in Retrograde” an all-ages show, showcasing some of Western Sydney’s greatest women, non-binary/transgender talent.

This event brings together the ideas, the ethos, the aesthetic and the attitude of New Age Noise Collective members. In a true collaborative effort the members of NANC have combined their brains and hearts to build something that encapsulates the whole vibe of the collective and paints a picture of what the live music scene should and could (and will) be in Western Sydney.

We chatted to Sol Yoga, one of the collective members in the lead up to Parramatta in Retrograde.

Image: “Sol” by Jennifer Andrade and Jenny Trinh 2019.

I.C.E.: What made you want to be part of the New Age Noise Collective?

SY: I wanted to be part of the New Age Noise Collective because I wanted more control over an event, creatively and planning wise. I’ve been an artist at events before and I felt I could inject more of my ideas into an event the Collective would create.

I.C.E.: Have you ever been part of something like this?

SY: I’ve never been part of anything like this! I wish it would happen more hehe

I.C.E.: I heard there will be snacks… From knowing you, I know snacks are very important to you. Could you talk through involving snacking in gig culture?

SY: I love snacks! I usually have to toss up between buying a ticket to an event or eating actual vegetables for dinner. I guess my idea of a gig is unconventional, but it comes from my background – my family were caterers at many Indonesian music and dance events, so I don’t think its really weird, but now that I’m out going to gigs in Sydney, I realised that most people think it probably is lol.

I.C.E.: Could you talk about why I.C.E. is important to the collective? And maybe what more you would want I.C.E. to be, or what you would want to get out of it?

SY: I.C.E. is super important, as a venue, as a meeting place, as a centre of both logistic and creative resources and a connection to mentors. I’ve gotten some paid volunteering gigs out of my continued involvement with I.C.E. projects which are gonna look killer on my bare resume. I’m looking to get more of those, hehe.

I.C.E.: Are you (NANC) looking to have an impact? If so, what impact?

SY: I think NANC’s impact is going to lie in our website. Events are fun, but ultimately not everyone we reach is going to be able to come. I had a quick look at the demographics of people visiting – I can see a few visitors from Indonesia and Vietnam, and I feel so happy! I didn’t even think that would happen so soon! We’re all going to share our knowledge and help everyone to keep making music!

This collective has been born out of a need for community, safety, place and creative freedom and  through their hard work, they are able to achieve this, and spread it around.

The stars have aligned for this one. You better be there;

22 June 2019
12pm – 6pm
@ Information + Cultural Exchange
8, Victoria Road, Parramatta

Okin Osan
Lupa J
Squished Cockroach
Mania Lowe
Jennifer Hopez

Imogen Gainsford + Pearl Junor
Ailsa Liu
Lili Occhiuto

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Image: “New Age Noise Collective” by Jennifer Andrade and Jenny Trinh 2019.

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