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Walk! Walk! Fashion! Baby!

All images: Nancy Trieu
On Monday 27th May, Fairfield West Sewing Hub celebrated the achievements and dedication of our wonderful participants. Photographer Nancy Trieu was invited to shoot the group’s latest finished products. The hub was transformed into a fashion runway with red carpet and curtain for a bit of panache and glamour! Participants proudly and happily paraded their latest dresses and garments, inspired by their traditional folklore. We had an array of traditional dresses inspired by Assyrian, Thai, Armenian and Iraqi folklore. The event culminated with fabulous portraits of each women posing in their beautiful dress and enjoying some sweets and coffee afterwards.
Everyone had so much fun! All the women expressed their great excitement and how much it meant to them to have finished wearable dresses and skirts! They are really looking forward to get back to their sewing machines and create more amazing fashionable garments!
Big thanks to teacher, Nahrain Youkhanna, assistant teacher, Vivian lazar, community hub leader, Gisele Kerbage, and photographer Nancy Trieu.

All images: Nancy Trieu


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