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ABC Music Deal for Club Weld!

In 2016, Club Weld produced their debut EP, titled, Introduction, in 2017, they released Remix The House. In 2019, Jerrah Patston, one of the program participants released his debut EP, “The Jerrah EP”.

Now, we have some amazing news- Club Weld have struck an electronic distribution deal with ABC Music, one of Australia’s largest and longest running independent record labels!

Club Weld is a skills and creative development program for musicians on the autism spectrum. Led by specialist facilitator/collaborators and supported by arts, industry and philanthropic partnerships, Club Weld is unique, providing weekly supported studio sessions; live performance, recording, broadcast and cultural development opportunities. These collaborations have resulted in some really diverse and amazing sounds, from those that lean toward the more experimental side of things, and those that are more poppy and upbeat! This recent development is pretty significant for the members of Club Weld. One of I.C.E.’s aims for the group was that their work would be recognised and that they would be active as musicians.

You can now listen to these three records on ALL streaming services

            Remix The House                               The Jerrah EP                           Club Weld Introduction



Read more about Club Weld here

Read about The Jerrah EP here

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