John Kirkman Leaves I.C.E. - Information & Cultural Exchange

John Kirkman Leaves I.C.E.

After seven years of driving organisational and program success I.C.E. Executive Director John Kirkman is leaving in November. John says …

It’s been a privilege to lead I.C.E. I’ve worked with a great team: excellent staff and Board, wonderful communities and artists, supportive funders, partners and donors. Together we’ve created an I.C.E. that’s confident, rigorous and viable: consistently producing programs of impact and vision: in nursing homes, barbershops, classrooms, galleries, museums, buses and ferries; on screens, streets…and the disco floor. I.C.E. is ready for the next phase of its future; and I’m happily heading off to mine. Thanks.


Information + Cultural Exchange is now taking applications for a new Executive Director. Find out how to apply here.


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