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Digital First Comedy Initiative Update! Carpark Clubbing, Halal Gurls and Nightwalkers have dropped on iview!

The three creative teams for Carpark Clubbing, Halal Gurls and Nightwalkers have been working hard at getting their web series to presentation stage. Finally, the time is upon us!

Carpark Clubbing features three girls from Western Sydney, strangers to each other, but united in finding themselves all in the same carpark at night with nothing to do, but hang out. Throughout the series, they get blazed, talk family, uni, politics and love, and their friendship grows. It’s a hilarious and unique yet quintessentially Western Sydney story about contemporary, smart, funny women of colour and the similarities and strengths they share.

Halal Gurls follows a powerful career woman, Mouna, and her attempts to use the diversity card to get a leg up in the extremely white, male law firm she is working at. While building her career she has to battle with family expectations, family dramas, boyfriend pressures and two other colleagues also playing the diversity card. It’s a show about real, contemporary muslim women and tells their story with nuance and sincerity.

Nightwalkers is your classic vampire/slayer series but iconically Western Sydney. The series uses well known Western Sydney landmarks as the backdrop for two women, the brains and the brawn, as they fight off a vampire apocalypse in our own backyard.

On Monday the 30th of September, I.C.E. hosted an advanced screening for the creators and their friends of the three web series’. It was a beautiful night for the creators to celebrate, and for the industry to acknowledge their achievements.
Here’s some of the snaps from the event:

Through the Digital First Comedy Initiative, ABC Australia, Create NSW and I.C.E. supported the development of three high-impact, youth-focused and digital first, Australian short-form narrative comedy series that are premiering on ABC iview and showcase talent and stories from Western Sydney.
We’re incredibly proud of all creative teams and of being involved in the Digital First Comedy Initiative.

Find Carpark Clubbing, Halal Gurls and Nightwalkers all under “New Aussie Shorts” on ABC iview NOW!

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