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Greenlight Network

The Greenlight Network is a community network where members, can pitch their creative project and in real time receive feedback from their peers.

The first Network event will be held on Sunday 24 November, 11 and to 2 pm.

You can participate in two ways:

  • Pitch your project
  • Be in the audience

Greenlight Pitchers will have 6 minutes to pitch their project. Pitching is an art – and there is no substitute for practice. This is your chance to test a new project or a new pitch and get real time feedback.

Audience members will vote for the projects they think have merit. This is your chance to watch and learn from your peers – and help them move their projects forward.

The Network concept has been developed by Compton School and draws on extensive research in to the Hollywood ‘Greenlight’ system. The pilot is presented in partneship with Information + Cultural Exchange and supported by Create NSW.

To register simply email
[email protected]
YES – I would like to pitch my project
YES – I would like to be in the audience

Compton School is Australia’s first business school for creative people. Find out more here

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