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Showing off their hard work!

The ladies from the Auburn Sewing Hub have been working on the finer details- embroidery on the blouses for a Sari. Recently, they organised a fashion show and photoshoot to celebrate their efforts and show off their beautiful work! Thanks to Nancy Trieu for documenting the women and their designs.

In this program, the participants have identified a gap in the market that they would like to develop their skills in. Making traditional wear in the diaspora is a coveted skill. I.C.E. works with these women to facilitate the development of their business and sewing skills as well as building community.


Auburn Sewing Hub aims to establish a community-based social enterprise through sewing, culture and story, and involves three stages of activity: sewing skills development, business development, marketing and distribution. These are achieved through an experiential training and mentorship program delivered by I.C.E.

This project is offered in partnership with Auburn Diversity Services Inc. in Auburn to women who are interested in making their own traditional clothing, specifically chole or Indian blouse and expand their embroidery skills. The aim is to identify potential skilled women and support them into creating their own sewing business.


All images: Nancy Trieu

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